Station Information
Studio Location & Mailing Address
8000 Belfort Parkway Suite 100
Jacksonville, Florida 32256
Business Phone: (904) 245-8500
Studio Line: (904) 340-1065
Fax: (904) 245-8501
Prize Pickup / Lobby Hours
Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:30pm
Closed Weekends and Holidays
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Contact Information

Todd Shannon
Program Director
todd.shannon@coxinc.com (904) 245-8500
Bob Deblois
Director of Sales
Bob.Deblois@coxinc.com (904) 245-8732
Jodi Rainey
National Sales Manager
jodi.rainey@coxinc.com (904) 245-8500
Ashley Testa
Digital Sales Manager
ashley.testa@coxinc.com (904) 245-8642
Neal Surrena
Promotions & Events Manager
Neal.Surrena@coxinc.com (904) 245-8716
Leslie Werkema
FCC Public File Coordinator
Leslie.Werkema@coxinc.com (904) 245-8620
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PSA & Community Event Calendar Requests

Cox Media Group is committed to the Jacksonville community and one of the things we strive to excel at is connecting the Jacksonville 
community with issues that require their attention. We serve as an ongoing promotional channel for local non-profits and issues in a 
number of key ways and provide these services for FREE.

Is your non-profit looking for a way to get your message out to the community? Submit a PSA to us!

You can also add an event to our community calendar! Click here to get started!

Click here for information on how to submit a public service announcement (PSA) to Cox Media Group radio.